Win A Trip To Canada!

For the past three years, we’ve taken a group of travellers off on an adventure and shared every step with you guys - our Trek family. This year, we assembled eight awesome travel addicts and headed off to... 


We took our #iTrekHere squad to all the locations we visit on the Mountie, our most popular Canadian road trip adventure. Super jel? Enter now for a chance to go out there for yourself – flights included!

Tour overview

Explore British Columbia and Alberta in the wonderful Canadian Rockies, for grand vistas and a wilderness that is still truly wild. Expect picture-perfect lakes, stunning mountain views, top-notch hiking, glacier walking and wildlife sightings. Want even more adventure? Add mountain biking, horseback riding and white water rafting to your list and you won't find a more exhilarating 11 days. The Mountie will take you into the heart of Canada for the perfect outdoor adventure!

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